A balanced life is a HAPPY life!


One thing I get complimented on is how I balance my life so “perfectly.” Whether it is friendships & relationships and most importantly work & LIFE, I think I got it down pat.

The biggest problem that people usually have when they try and balance their lives is that they do not plan, or create a schedule to accommodate all their needs and wants. They do not take the time to recognize the parts of their life that need a little more attention.

I am a Libra, I do not really follow all of that horoscope stuff, like who is compatible with who, but my sign is a scale and I do believe that it does define who I am as a person which is indecisive and balanced.

Relationships & Friendships: This is where I see most of my friends loose their balance. Some people get into relationships, and next thing you know POOF! they are gone. They have now revolved their whole life around their significant other, forgetting their friends along the way. The ones who were there for them before this relationship took over their life. Then the worst is they come crawling back when its convenient for them or if they need you …but hey I love my friends no matter what & I’ll be there for them, ALWAYS.

Anytime I get into a relationship I lay it out for them – I will NOT be with you 24/7, my friendships are important to me, and if you are going to be mad if I go out with my girls, well then there is the door – see ya never. I mean if they can’t handle the truth, which is how you live your life – then why waste anyone’s time?

If you lay out the PLAN they have no expectations of you being there 24/7, they know your going to want your girl time/guy time and they have accepted it. Not only will they have no expectations of you being their shadow, but it also allows respect to be given. You are a strong independent person, who knows their worth and your going to live your life how you want to and you will NOT change for anyone – most people find that attractive. Unless they are a controlling, manipulative, ain’t got no friends weirdo ..in that case you tell them to take a walk because you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.

Work & LIFE: Listen, everyone loves a hard worker, someone who is motivated to be the best they can be – not only for themselves but for their future. However, if you are so consumed with work and making money, your letting life pass you by and when you are rich living in a huge house, you are going to have a lot of ” I wish I did …….. when I was younger” moments. We only have a certain amount of years to make our lives worth it, don’t consume it with something that when you die you leave behind.

Make time for YOU, whether that is going to the gym, going to get dinner and drinks with friends, do something that you enjoy ! But PLAN it out – make a set schedule, because if you are a hard worker schedules are easy for you to follow. I know because that’s how I balance my life. Seriously, if you know me and are trying to hang out I always say “Let me look at my schedule.”

Living a balanced life style just means you are aware of your surroundings. You do not feel stressed in anyway because you are not  neglecting certain parts of you life, you are not feeling torn. The first step to a balanced lifestyle is to address the things that need to be balanced, and then MAKE A SCHEDULE. You have one life to live, make it a happy one.

Do you need any tips on how and where to start your balanced life ? Want to read about a certain topic ? Click the contact link above or email me at girltogirlxx@yahoo.com

Until next time – xx




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