Breakups – it’s about who you become during the aftermath.

Everyone is different when it comes to break ups. You could be the :

  • Stalker – going to all of their favorite places hoping you will run into them, creeping on their Snapchat to find out where they are, driving by their house a few times a day to see if their car is there – if it’s not then your driving by all of their friends houses.
  • Begger – you will beg them every day to stay and not leave, trying to make them remember all the amazing times you have had together, and CRY do an uncontrollable amount of crying.
  • Changer – You change the color and cut of your hair, get a new wardrobe, hit the gym to get out of the comfortable lifestyle you have been living, expand your circle of friends – screw the whole ” no new friends” caption on your Instagram picture last week.
  • Rebound – You go out and find anyone to fill that void that you now have, your on POF, Tinder & Bumble looking for what you want to be Mr.Right.
  • Sad & Depressed – You stay at home ALL the time unless it is to go get unhealthy food to binge on in your room, listening to breakup songs and watch the Notebook over and over.

The biggest question is : What is the easiest, and most efficient way to get over a breakup without looking like you escaped an insane asylum (or should be put in one..) ? But in reality there is no “easy” way to do it, there is so many different factors that come into play in each relationship.

  • Was it a mutual break up?
  • How long were you dating for?
  • Was anyone hurt – emotionally or even physically?
  • Did you live together or not?

However there are different things you can do to continue living a happy life and continuing living without it having such an impact on your day to day life. You must be positive about what the future holds, surround yourself with friends and family and most importantly find yourself again, as an independent person.

If you surround yourself with positive vibes, good friends and family there is NO way they will condone your stalker, sad and depressed ways. No good friend will let you be that crazy, they will be doing everything to get you out of your funk. If they are helping you stalk him then they do not want what is best for you.

Make time for YOU, if you don’t have a hobby find one..I turned to kickboxing. Not only was it a way for me to continue living my healthy lifestyle but it allowed me to get all my anger and frustrations out so I could continue having a positive outlook on life outside of the gym.

On my down time at home – at times when I would usually be cuddling watching TV with my ex, that is when I find myself in my head a lot. So I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble and it was called “whiskey words and a shovel” – it is all poems on the moving on process (HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT). This book saved my mental health, at the time it was the only thing I could turn to where I felt understood.

Breakups are not the end of your life, it may be the end of a chapter but if one chapter ends then another one will be starting. Use this break up as a lesson – a lesson on what you want and don’t want in a significant other. If you find someone you are into soon after your breakup, someone who you could potentially see yourself with, don’t let that opportunity pass by. Roll with the punches, never put anything on a timeline because if you do and it doesn’t will just be disappointed.

You will be okay, just take time for yourself, surround yourself with friends and family and most importantly positive vibes. Take it day by day and never let any opportunity pass you by, don’t let this break up define you — its now time for you to find yourself.

Until next time – xx

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