Social Media : building or hurting our society ?

Growing up I couldn’t wait to hop on AIM the second I got home from school, or post every feeling I had on my Facebook status & post every selfie/cool picture to Instagram or even shed some light on my weird annoying life on my Snapchat story. We live in a society now where everyone is so worried about what everyone else is doing and what they think of us, and we care about how many likes we get, and making sure that our “followers” see this extravagant life we live (OR pretend to live). I’m guilty of it, and I am sure you are too ! But are we all missing out on the real benefits of social media, are we using it wrong?

Its so funny talking to my mom sometimes, she calls me “vein, self absorbed,narcissistic” but I don’t even blame her. Growing up she didn’t have a cell phone or any social media, but what is funny about that situation is she is the first person to “check-in” some where, or if shes on the beach she will post a picture of her toes in the sand, so Mom – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

We adapt to the changes that society brings upon us, but each generation is different. I have some younger family on my Snapchat and they send me snaps that say “Streaks” every day… or “screenshot this and rate me 1-10” .. like what ? LOL.

Obviously, like everything, social media has its pros and cons. Some pros being – job opportunities, spreading awareness on certain topics, catching up with old friends who you haven’t seen in a while and just promoting yourself depending on your job position. Some cons  – being completely obsessed with yourself and the attention you may get from others, following the trends of the rich and famous, another way to cheat in a relationship, and this “look” that people feel like they need to look like to be accepted.

Yesterday was national dog day, do you understand how happy I was seeing dogs all over my feed? It genuinely put me in the best mood ever, I did not even care if we are friends or not – I double tapped your picture! Wish it was national dog day everyday.

The problem is – everyone is so quick to judge someone based on their looks, what they own, or even the car they drive – because this is what social media promotes. Like these dating apps – your swiping right based on someones looks, I mean its a given that you have to be attracted to someone who you want to date, but have you ever met someone who may not be the best looking person in the world BUT their personality is dynamite and it makes them so much better looking? If you haven’t ever felt that it’s probably because you’re shallow and never even considered trying it and you should probably get over yourself.I bet you never thought about the persons feelings you swiped left on, or just completely ignored after a 5 minute conversation. But again this is how social media & society has changed us as a whole.

Why can’t we use social media for good things that benefit us as people or even the community you live in? For example – the ALS ice bucket challenge, just from it spreading around social media they raised over $115 million dollars for the association. ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN MILLION EFFING DOLLARS …. and were focused on when Kylie’s launching her next lip kit or what Lisa’s human bank account is buying her this week because we sure as hell know that Lisa does not have a job and can not afford her Gucci bag and her new 2017 BMW 5 series .. get the hell out of here.

My goal is to always be spreading positive vibes on social media, if that means posting a positive quote, or a goal I may have reached, sharing a positive article or anything that may have a positive effect on someone who may not feel the best that day – then I know I am using social media to build not only myself but others self confidence as well.

All it takes is one positive share or post a day to possible make a difference in someones life. Do it – I’m sure you will feel better about yourself.

Until next time – xx

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