The reality of ’13 Reasons Why’ and how to bring awareness to the situation

If you have not seen or heard about the new hit Netflix Original ’13 Reasons Why’ I suggest you watch it, especially if you have children in middle school or high school. The moral of the story is about a high school teenager who gets bullied and ends up killing herself. She ends up leaving tapes behind , of 13 reasons why she killed herself. They were given to the people who had some part in it, and the thing is these people did not even realize that some of their actions and words had that much of an effect on her.

All parents think they have the sweetest, most perfect child in the world, but do you really know what goes on  while they are in school/work? Do you know all the friends they hang out with? Do you know how they treat other students/friends? Most likely not, I mean I know growing up I did not tell my parents everything that went on in my life.

We are in a time where if you use the wrong word, everything can be blown out of proportion. People do not think about the consequences of some of the things that they are saying, or how the other person might feel after it was said. The thing is, once you say something you can’t take it back. RULE NUMBER ONE growing up : treat others how you want to be treated. I know that in my teenage years I disregarded that multiple times, and if I ever hurt your feelings and your reading this I deeply apologize.

Social media doesn’t help either ! I have so many time hops of me talking trash about someone on my Facebook status from high school, and numerous people were commenting on the status agreeing with me, sharing it and laughing about it. I look back now, and I think to myself – “Really Alex, are you kidding me right now? How immature are you?” At that moment I wasn’t thinking about how that girl might have felt being called out on social media. I’m sure she was beyond embarrassed,scared to go to school, and most of all sad. That makes me sad looking back on it, I bullied someone like a loser I belittled someone to make myself feel better, that’s all it is, putting someone else down to make yourself look or feel better. I am sorry for what it is worth.

All it takes is one nice thing to be said to each person you come in contact with each day. Weather it is a compliment, or an invitation to someone, even a smile…do you understand how much a smile can do for someone? It reassures people that their are still friendly people in this world and that there is hope for this society.

Recently, in a town next to my house there has been 2 suicides in the past 12 months from high school students. You have to think at the ages of 15-18 how much bad, stressful stuff could be going on in your life ? Your life mostly consists of school, you haven’t even entered the real world yet! That just means that something has been going on in their social life where they felt like they couldn’t turn to anyone, and that is sad. Parents talk to your children about bullying and the effects that it can have on someone. If your child is being bullied, go to the school or the source because this has to end.

Lets try and change the way we see people who are different than us, stop judging people because you wouldn’t want to be judged, throw a smile out to everyone who passes you – not only will that make them feel better but you as well. Who knows maybe that person will then start smiling at everyone because your smile made them feel some type of way, next thing you know everyone is smiling at each other.

If you or someone you know may be thinking about suicide call The Suicide National Prevention Lifelife :  1-800-273-8255.

Until next time — xx

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