2017: Instant Gratification

I’m always talking about today’s society, because it is obviously the time we are living in. If I were to look up 2017 in a dictionary right now : Instant Gratification would be the definition. Everyone wants everything right then and there with no work put in, making most of the younger generation EXTREMELY entitled.


I am a manager of a business and ALL my associates are amazing in every single way. They work hard, they do what they have to do to make money and be happy. However in the past I have seen associates come and go in all my years of working a full time job, and I was actually taken back by some of the things they would say. You complain about money, you want this and you want that..but it’s not growing on trees, you need to work for it – so calling out and requesting off every other week is not helping you get the things you want.


Everyone wants to look like the models, and to be fit. Which is great, who wouldn’t want to get their life on a healthy track. PSA: It doesn’t happen over night. Using your wraps or your waist trainer are not going to make you fit. Its a process, you have to eat healthy, you have to work out and most of all you have to be patient. It will never just happen over night, although we wish it would. As long as you realize there is an issue at hand and your are taking all the proper steps to get your life on track – you got this,kudos to you.


When looking for a significant other, who doesn’t want the whole package? Good looks, good job and a good personality. You may think it doesn’t come around often but 9/10 times its right in front of you. They just might not have reached their goals yet. But in reality if you can’t accept someone at their worst or during the time they are getting their shit together, do you really think you deserve them at their best? No. Just think, if you were in the process of reaching your goals & someone was not interested because you were not there yet.. how would that make you feel? Discouraged would be my best bet.


Everything we need is now at the touch of our fingertips. You no longer need to walk into the mall to go shopping, just open up your app and order it online. Want a coffee? Order it on the app and walk right in and pick it up. We don’t even need credit cards anymore because you can now store all of them on your phone. People find it irritating when they have to wait on lines now. So now those who work in customer service business’s are hearing the frustrations of the customer because things are not being done when they want it.

Putting in work for something is not just about reaching that goal, or happiness. Its good for the soul, to say that YOU accomplished something. YOU put in the work to get where you want to be. It makes whatever it is that much more meaningful and makes you appreciate it that much more. Even just loving someone who is in the process of trying to reach their goals, being able to motivate them and see them achieve something is such a great feeling.

We have come so far in the technological world there is no way we can go backwards in that department. Just understanding the impact that it has on our day to day lives and personalities will help you realize that not everything is on your time, be patient.


Until next time – xx

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